Computer and Web security

IT security solution

IT security seems to be forgotten or ignored on the part of many organizations. When a company, or an organization decides to be present on the Internet, they often ask the question of SEO but almost never that of computer security.

In the field of information systems and with the advent of the Internet, a security approach has emerged as necessary and mandatory for any company whose network has access to the World Wide Web.


The PlusWeb team is made up of IT security experts who are at the forefront of intrusion testing and protection solutions such as

Information System Audit

Intrusion Tests

Support for the implementation of management systems in computer security (ISO 27001)

Information security awareness According to good practice (ISO 27002)

Risk analysis According to the standard (ISO 27005)

Computer Security Management Training

Implementation of Business continuity plan: PCA

Website security

Securing a website depends on many factors, such as the developer’s skills, the technical design and the complexity of the website. Our agency anticipates all these types of problems thanks to a great knowledge of the products used.

As well as all our websites are delivered with a security component that provides protection against computer attacks on the web.

A backup component allows you to save the entire content of your site in one click to further enhance its protection.