Customized Software

Custom software development

 What is custom software development?

Customized software is an application developed according to your needs, specifically for your activity.

Plus web  has a real expertise in the development of custom web application, accessible securely from your Internet browser.

In addition to being often less expensive than a software called “heavy” (installed on client workstations), “cloud” business software has many advantages:

Advantages of custom business software

  • It greatly facilitates collaborative work and allows pooling resources.
  • It is accessible from a computer, but also for nomads (tablet, smartphone).
  • It is easily scalable and maintainable.
  • It is perfectly adapted to your needs, your uses and your company.
  • It can be easily synchronized to existing tools (ERP, website, …)

 Develop or modernize your CRM/ERP

A CRM and an ERP do not have the same operations but substantially the same major advantages: optimization of management processes, minimization and cost control, consistency, homogeneity and information sharing allowing internal and external communication.

In terms of specific benefits, CRM increases customer satisfaction and thus contributes to loyalty and increased profits; the ERP ensure internal communication (between employees in particular) and thus increase the overall productivity of the company.