Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting can be defined as the provision of a service to make a website accessible on the Internet.
In order for your pages to be visible to everyone, they must be stored on a server.
These are specialized companies that guarantee the best accessibility to the hosted site, thanks to the technical means and expertise available to them.
Many services offer accommodation (Multimania, Geocities, Free). However, free hosting is unreliable and very limited. In addition, advertisements, often very annoying are inserted in this type of accommodation by the hosts.
We advise you to refer to a paid offer instead. You will gain in
quality, no advertising will be inserted on your site (in any case, not with us: we do not not parasitize the sites of our customers) and you will have a much better result in the engines of
search for SEO.
A whole bunch of accommodation offers whose quality often leaves something to be desired on Internet. We are sure to invite you to be cautious in your choice, many of our customers who have paid the price in the past of unscrupulous hosts.