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Why you should create a website?

Create a website to improve your notoriety.

Create a website to guide your customers to your shop.

Create a website to ensure continuous service.

Create a website to sell your products.

Create a website to learn more about your customers and to keep them loyal.

Create a website to deploy an activity beyond its borders.

Create a website to save your time.

Create a website to answer redundant questions.

Create a website so you don’t let your competition open

showcase website

A showcase site exposes your company on the web. It gives the user (usually your customers and prospects) all the useful information about your undertaking

E-commerce Website

For online sales professionals, the e-commerce website allows you to easily sell your products and manage your store online.

Institutional website

Generally qualifies an institutional web site when it is primarily intended to promote the image of a company, brand or organization to the general public, the media, potential customers, suppliers, Shareholders or any other potential partner

Event Website

Ideally created to highlight short actions, the event site is the essential tool of your communication actions.

intranet/extranet website

With the intranet/extranet, only authorized persons (employees, collaborators) can access the Web platform and benefit from the tools available: Access to news, enterprise directory, business software, project management tools, etc…

Portal website

A portal website is an internet or intranet site that provides a single gateway to a wide range of resources and services (e-mail, discussion forum, publication spaces, search engine) focused on a particular domain or community.

Mobile website

Mobile site is called a website whose rendering, ergonomics and features are designed to be adapted to the mobile screen of small sizes like smartphones (IPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry…).


A blog is a type of website that is often assimilated to look like a logbook or diary because of its mode of operation. The articles are written by the blogger (the owner of the blog) and can contain very varied content according to the theme of the blog.

Collaborative / community website

The function of these sites is also largely based on the collective sharing of information, sometimes allowing to rapidly increase its visibility with a whole group of contacts, hence the more widespread term of social network.

Custom Website

It may be that the different sites we have previously proposed do not fully answer your search. You may also have something more complex and precise in mind for your company. If this is the case we will be happy to respond to the specific needs you may have. Contact our team and we will offer you a tailored development and your image.

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